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"Most things in life are impossible, until somebody does it. It just takes a little imagination to open new doors, and a little patience to find out which door will lead you to the right place. If in doubt, always pick the noodle option."

Shellie Froidevaux

The Vovos Video

The directors cut of a video Shellie and Ewen made to represent Australia in an international recipe competition. And yes we had been watching a lot of "Chef's Table" in the weeks before filming it!


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Immersive learning experience with Melbourne's most creative photography team.

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Sometimes structure is how we learn, but sometimes structure is the problem.

Iron Chef Shellie

Travel. Recipes. Dining. Shellie's website has a tonne of luscious photography and yummy food and a little about her favourite clients too.

Shellie on Instagram

I admit I don't put a fraction of the time into my Instagram account as I used to, but InstaStories are a great way for me to share the fun moments in life.

Shellie Froidevaux

Professional photographer based in Melbourne Australia capturing food and lifestyle for hotels, resorts, wineries and a select handful of Melbourne's most delicious chocolate, coffee and noodles.

Recipe developer and food blogger.

Creative mentor and co-founder of the Food Photography Workshop.

Ambassador for Matta

Currently working on the most amazing cookbook and this time for herself instead of shooting for a client.

Shellie's Website