Meet Ewen Bell

"I love that moment when we're in a conversation and you have just made the mental leap, and landed exactly where you needed to be. There's a glow that takes over people's faces, a kind of happiness that only comes from achievement. Well earned achievement. Being there and guiding people to make that leap is the most rewarding moment of fulfilment I can imagine."

Ewen Bell


From National Geographic to national tourism boards and international travel operators, Ewen's editorial style appears in publications and websites all over the world.


Although experienced in shooting with every kind of camera and lens brand, Ewen is currently an ambassador for Lumix, DJI and Capture One.


His photographic manifesto called "ReIMAGINE" delves deep into the philosophy of photography and how to connect with your creative path.


Former 'Editor at Large' for Digital Photography in Australia, Ewen also writes for Digital Photographer in the UK and a handful of travel magzines.

Tour Leader

Since 2004 Ewen has been designing and leading his own photography tours that take genuinely small groups into some of the most inspiring locations.


Having worked in Zoology and majored in ecology, Ewen loves to be out in the wilderness. Birds are the peak expression of habitat, and a great photographic challenge.

Himalayan Highs

Travel to the rooftop of the world - but without trekking - and have time to experience the culture before you photograph it, with a guide who truly knows Nepal and the art of photography.

Arctic Norway

Stand beneath a storming aurora as it dances wildly above your head - while your camera clicks and captures a version of that moment you will treasure for a lifetime.

A Week In The Outback

We did a special one week version of the outback flying tour for Accor Hotels and it was a blast.

"At the core of my photography is a set of three basic principles... Go slow. Get Closer. Look for the light."


It's about photography, not cameras. A big generous book that lets you fall in love with photography all over again.

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Upcoming Photo Tours

Himalayan Bhutan

A cultural journey filled with quiet moments and spectaculr scenery. A little bit of luxury and a decade of experience to make sure your trip to Bhutan is remarkable.

Aurora Norway

Dedicated itinerary to chase the Northern Lights with exceptional locations, remote cabins and privately catered meals. Norway like no other.

Grand Outback

The worlds best photo tour, travelling the Outback in a private prop-jet and teams of people on the ground to make sure we hit the most amazing wilderness and wildlife in Australia.

Upcoming Workshops

Camera Club

Sometimes structure is how we learn, but sometimes structure is the problem.


Immersive learning experience with Melbourne's most creative photography team.

National Geographic Traveller USA

The final print run of National Geographic Traveller in the USA was bittersweet, with a 14 page commission shoot on the wild and sophisticated sides of Tassie.

Food and Travel UK

One of my favourite mags to shoot for and this time I also got to write for them as well. A real honour to fly the flag for Bhutan in 2020.

Digital Photographer UK

I love the new format of this magazine and was so thrilled to have a chance to share my message of kindness when shooting portraits.

Ewen Bell

Professional photographer based in Melbourne Australia capturing an editorial style for tourist boards, tour operators and magazines.

Recently working with National Geographic (USA and UK), Lonely Planet UK, Food & Travel (UK).

Editor at Large with Digital Photography (Australia) for 3 years and current contributor with Digital Photographer (UK).

Ambassador for Lumix, DJI and Capture One.

Author of "ReIMAGINE".

Ewen first started designing and running innovative photo tours in 2004, and has never stopped since.

Founder of "Photography for Travellers" advice and inspiration website.

Ewen's Photographic Site

Photography for Travellers
The Podcast

A new collaboration project between David Norris and Ewen Bell, this podcast walks through chapters of the book "ReIMAGINE" to explore philosophies on photography.