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"One thing we spoke about on our trip to Nepal, while 8 of us were standing in the same place, was how every one of us were taking totally different photos. That stuck with me, it really resonated. Photography is not about replicating one shot or style, the joy is from so many different expressions of the same thing."

David Norris

What They Won't Tell You At Camera Club

Step outside the structure of the camera club and find your own creative path. Be your best, be your most expressive and give volume to your voice.

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Bhutan 2021

A bespoke journey into the Himalayas to explore an ancient culture, and your own photographic expression. Not your average Bhutan experience.

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"Not everything can be scored on a spreadsheet. So much of what makes photography enjoyable and worthwhile takes place outside of the photo."

The Podcast

A new collaboration project between David Norris and Ewen Bell, this podcast walks through chapters of the book "ReIMAGINE" to explore philosophies on photography.

David Norris

A decade of experience instructing events and outings with Melbourne based camera clubs.

Judging at club, state and national levels (APS and VAPS).

Recipient of EFIAP and FAPS honours in 2018.

Special presenter on the "ReIMAGINE" podcast.

Co-leader for the 2020 Nepal Photo Tour.

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